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No CDL Experience Required


  • * Must Be At Least 21 Years Old.
  • * Must Have Valid US Driver’s License.
  • *Must Have Clean Driving Record .. No DUI’s
  • *No Felony Convictions.
  • *Stable Work History and Verifiable Job References.


At ALLIANCE TRUCKER we believe the best way to train you is

One Driver-One InstructorOver-the-Road Driving

We don’t train you in a classroom or by driving circles in the
back of a parking lot. You will learn Over-the-Road with one of
our Professional Instructor/Trainers and receive the training
and experience you need to begin a successful career in the
trucking industry.

We have been in business for 32 years and with our partner
trucking companies have successfully trained thousands of



Create your own Username and Password which will allow you
to login. There is a small one-time registration fee of $65.

*STUDY for Your CDL-A Learner’s Permit

There are three Written Exams you must take at your local DMV
( Department of Motor Vehicles ).


The exams are multiple choice and you must get an 80% score
on each exam in order to receive the CDL-A Learner’s Permit.

We make it easy for you !

Read the Study Guides and take the PRACTICE TESTS. All the
questions and answers you will need to learn in order to pass
the written exams for your CDL-A Learner’s Permit are
available for you to study
right here.

When you take the Practice Tests, our system will keep track of
your score as you go along. Most people study an hour a day for
10 to 15 days until they are ready, and then pass the Written
Exams on their first attempt.

*DOT Medical Card

The DOT Medical Card is required by the Department of
Transportation for all Class A CDL drivers. You must first obtain
DOT Medical Card before you take the Written Exam
for your Class-A CDL Learners Permit.

Call your family physician or find a local clinic in your area and
take your DOT Physical Exam. Your DOT Medical Card will cost
about $60.

*CDL-A Learner’s Permit

Go to your local DMV and take the Written Exams for the CDL-A
Learner’s Permit. Exam and Permit Fees at the DMV are about


After you obtain your CLASS-A CDL Learner’s Permit, login again
on our website and submit the form with your CLASS-A CDL
Learner’s Permit # and Issue Date.

We will contact you within 3 to 5 business days and schedule
you as quickly as possible to begin the Driver Training Program.

You will be assigned to one of our Orientation Centers in
Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Utah or Indiana.

We will purchase you a Greyhound Bus ticket.

Once you arrive, you will attend Orientation for four days.
Lodging and three meals a day are provided for you by the

Orientation fee is $100 and includes the cost of your Drug
Screen Test and the cost of your Class-A CDL License.

*Certified CDL Instructor

After Orientation, you will go out on the road and learn how to
drive an 18-wheeler. Your
CDL Instructor will teach you all the
basics … you’ll learn how to do the Pre-Trip Inspection, how to
park and back up, and how to safely handle a Big Rig on the

The short time spent prior to obtaining your Class-A CDL
License is Unpaid Instruction Time. However, we can lend all
students up to $200 per week for food and incidentals during
the CDL Instruction period.

Once you obtain your Class-A CDL License and are hired as a
driver any money you borrow from us will be repaid through
$25 weekly deductions from your direct pay deposits



*CDL-A License … Over-the-Road Driving

After completing your instructional training you’ll come back to
the terminal and take your skills test.

Congratulations ! You now have a CDL-A License.

We will hire you and you will begin Over-the-Road driving.
You’ll go out over-the-road for 3 months with one of our
Professional Trainer Drivers and earn $600 per week or $.12
per mile … whichever is greater, through the remainder of the
training program.

During your training period you can expect to be out on the
road 3 weeks at a time with 2 to 3 days at home in between

Your trainer will work with you to perfect your driving skills
and train you to become a successful CDL-A driver.

*Solo Company Driver

After you complete the training program you’ll become a Solo,
Independent Company Driver running a
Company Truck and
earning $.35 to $.38 per mile … depending on the truck
and route you drive.

Most drivers earn $40,000 their first year with us.

After your first year of Over-the-Road driving experience you
can become a Lease/Operator, set your own schedule and earn
even bigger money … $50,000 to $60,000 per year.

*Company Offers You;

1) Steady miles and excellent pay

2) Late model equipment in top condition

3) First-rate benefits at reasonable rates

4) 401(k) Success Sharing Plan

5) Paid Vacation


The company will spend $3500 to train you and get you Over-
the–Road driving experience. Because of this high cost of
recruiting and training drivers you agree to drive with us for
one year In exchange for the Company Paid CDL Training.